000 - moonsongHare …

Out on the cliff path the light on the grass was bright and fine, glittering with dew. She rounded a bend in the cliff trail and stopped short. A hare sat in the path. ‘Hello,’ she breathed, standing quite still lest she startle the creature away.

The hare came closer. Whiskers twitching, it stretched towards her until she felt the wetness of its nose as the creature touched her bare ankle below the rolled up jeans, then it sat back. Isoldé slowly crouched down and stretched her hand towards it. Again the nose came forward, this time the lips wrinkled back and she felt the teeth rub against her skin. She hardly dared breathe.

Having scented her, the hare dropped to all fours again and moved away a pace then it turned its head and met Isoldé’s eyes. She felt something stab through her, almost like a recognition. The creature turned away and loped slowly up the path.

Isoldé followed, but the hare was soon out of sight. She continued along the path until, rounding another corner, she came on a girl picking herbs. Isoldé stopped short, began to speak, stopped. The girl looked up, a startled look in her wide brown eyes then she looked quickly away and hurried further down the path around a rock. Surprised, Isoldé followed but not too fast, it was obvious the girl didn’t want company, when she rounded the rock in her turn, there was no-one there. The girl must have known the path and the cliffs very well, she would have had somewhere out of sight to hide until the stranger had gone. Isoldé went on towards the sea. As she came to the next bend she couldn’t resist looking back. There, sat beside the rock, was the hare.

Isoldé stood a moment, watching while the hare loped off behind the rocks again, then carried on until she came to a small waterfall. There she stopped to sit on a stone, listening to its song. The morning was still amongst all the water noise, she felt herself drifting off, lulled by the continuous soft voice of the fall.