SnowdropWhat will you be doing to celebrate Imbolc?

I love Imbolc. The snowdrops are out – so beautiful. And it’s so amazing to think what that delicate green stem with the flower bud at its tip has done. Have you tried pushing your finger down into the cold, hard, frozen earth? It’s difficult and often impossible, and your finger has a good strong bone in it to help it keep its structure … imagine how that is for the flower stem pushing up the other way!

We often ignore the everyday magic of the Earth in our hurried, busy, self-absorbed modern society and the birthing of the snowdrops is just one of these wonderful magical things. I’ll be with a group of students to celebrate Imbolc this Sunday and we will definitely be sharing a little piece of the everyday magic all around us. I’m asking everyone to bring an example of a piece of everyday magic they notice between now and Sunday. It doesn’t have to be physical, a telling, a wee taleweaving, will be perfect too. We’ll share them all with each other, expanding our awareness, making more connections, twining our consciousness threads together, making the whole bigger and more inclusive.

And we’ll be drumming … because we love it! It’s an amazing experience and our drumming is like a flamenco practice clapping session. We all drum together, sharing an underlying beat but each of us expresses how that beat lives in us so there’s a multitude of rhythms all reflecting the beat … it becomes a drumming symphony! And the lead for the drumming flows around the group, no one of us is leader all the time, we share it and enjoy following each other’s lead.

We’ll journey too. I’ll probably drum for everyone for that and I suspect the focus will be to ask Brighid what she needs from us at this time, her time. It’s good to ask what you can do to help and the goddess is always willing to tell you what she needs but rather than shove it in your face she waits for you to ask her.

And we share a meal. And lots of tea. And maybe some cake. And always, always lots of laughter.