This is really important to me …

A Moneyless Economy … try to think back and remember the last time you saw a squirrel whip out a credit card to buy an acorn. Thought so. A moneyless world already exists all around us — the squirrel needs an acorn, the squirrel takes an acorn. A bear needs a fish, a bear takes a fish. But it never takes more than it needs. And that’s a very critical point.

The basic idea, which relatively few — but definitely some — people actively endorse at this time, is that we’re a community of humans, and if we can all rely on one another, then no one has to struggle for basic necessities or suffer in miserable poverty. It’s even more basic than a barter system, which is based on trade. It’s all about generosity and gratitude, not envy or greed.

For a gift economy to work, everyone would have to continuously focus on being as productive as possible. Things wouldn’t work if certain folks did nothing or waited for a handout. Next, if you possessed or produced something you didn’t need, you’d give it to someone who did without complaint. If you needed something (and crucially, that’s “need,” not “want”), you’d take it without feelings of guilt.

During the transition, people would need to focus on decreasing ownership of unnecessary stuff that serves little practical purpose — although that doesn’t mean all technology would be thrown out the window. It does, however, mean that wastefulness would have to be kept to an absolute minimum. Uneaten food, unused parts — throwing still-useful items into landfills and oceans would need to cease so there was more available for distribution among us.

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