Reaction to #naturewords



Oxford University Press replies

On Monday top authors, poets and naturalists were among 28 prominent people who wrote to Oxford University Press calling for some of the fifty nature words lost from their Junior Dictionary to be reinstated. The issue first arose in 2007, was not corrected with the 2012 edition, and is now a growing concern as we look for cultural leaders to help resolve a seemingly unstoppable problem – the rapid decline in children’s formative experiences of nature. The letter sets out the problem here, and now we have a response from the OUP.

OUP Statement

PictureWest Oxford School: year 3 prehistoric art

Press and social media coverage since Monday shows that concern about children’s disconnectedness from nature is widespread. The Oxford Times spoke to the Headteacher of West Oxford Primary School Clare Balden, who backed our letter and said the 238-pupil school had a particular focus on outdoor learning. She said: “These are children of the 21st century so they need to know hi-tech stuff, but there does need to be a balance between …

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