A Bad Witch’s Blog has just done this review – thanks Lucya Szachnowski

I’ve been blogging quite a bit about online learning courses recently, and here is another one. A course in British native shamanism is being offered by Elen Sentier, author of Shaman Pathways – Elen of the Ways, Shaman Pathways – Following the Deer Trodsand Shaman Pathways – Trees of the Goddess.

Elen says: “Being Awenydd, the British native shaman, means being a spirit keeper… The word ‘shaman’ means ‘one who knows’ – this is kenning in the British tongue, it means “knowing” and the name Cunning Folk comes from this.”

She offers two British shamanism training courses, an Awenydd Apprenticeship, which is a one-year online course that can be started at any time, and Rainbow Warriors’ three-year advanced training. This is the description of the Awenydd Apprenticeship that Elen gives on her website: [read more here]