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Signposts in the Mist

The Harris Museum, PrestonIn September 2012 I received an imperative from a Brythonic god called Gwyn ap Nudd; ‘enchanting the shadowlands’ (1). This took place in a visionary dimension of the Harris Museum in Preston where the bones of this land’s ancient ancestors lie amongst spoils of the civil wars, Jacobite rebellions and industrial revolution. Gwyn’s calling was not only to journey to Annwn (the Brythonic Otherworld) but deep into the dream of my local landscape for the purpose of gathering its memories and sharing them in my communities.

This task led me back to the Ice Age when the rule of winter thawed and following aurochs, red deer and wild horses the first people arrived at Peneverdant ‘the green hill on the water’ and built their lake village. I saw the first springs bursting forth made into holy wells then watched their tragic retreat as the aquifer beneath the hill was shattered…

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