I just found this blog post from Lorna Smithers and enjoyed it. I have a long and strong relationship with Gwyn ap Nudd, he is a wonderful friend, ally and companion. https://elensentier.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/7ad07-wildhunt.png?w=376&h=457

… After two years studying Druidry (and many years prior to this of searching) on the morning of the winter solstice I received a name for my spiritual path- Awenydd. It was a gift, bestowed by Gwyn ap Nudd (1) and the spirits of my local landscape.

Over the past year my path has grown to centre on my apprenticeship to Gwyn, which began when I made a vow to him as my patron at Glastonbury’s White Spring last January. This role has involved learning more deeply the life cycles of the trees, plants and wildlife of my local area, journeying to meet their spirits and travelling into the land’s past to learn its history. With Gwyn’s guidance I have journeyed the Otherworld, gaining direct experience of realms such as Annwn and Faery, met their inhabitants and borne witness to mythic events. … read more here

And Lorna, as the pic above shows, Gwyn rides a white mare … I’m just wondering if your familiar mare is related 🙂