Flint found at Blick Mead

Stonehenge dig finds 6,000-year-old encampment

Blick Mead dig Archaeologists found the encampment during a dig at Blick Mead near Stonehenge

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Archaeologists working on a site near Stonehenge say they have found an untouched 6,000-year-old encampment which “could rewrite British history”.

David Jacques, from the University of Buckingham, made the discovery at Blick Mead in October, and said the carbon dating results had just been confirmed.

But he also raised concerns about possible damage to the site over plans to build a road tunnel past Stonehenge.

The Department of Transport said it would “consult before any building”.

The Blick Mead site is about 1.5 miles (2.4km) from Stonehenge and archaeologists said “scientifically tested charcoal” dug up from the site had “revealed that it dated from around 4000 BC”.

via BBC News – Stonehenge dig finds 6,000-year-old encampment.