Jaguar SkyI’ve always been interested in the Maya and Aztec cultures and Laura Perry has a wealth of knowledge which she’s able to explain in ways that are really down to earth, practical and ping all the light-bulbs in the head :-). The Maya wisdom is so very similar to my own British Celtic ways. It’s a delight to see the knowing of the universe through shamanic cultures all around the world showing us the same truths … truths that modern western folk are only just getting a grip on through science.

Laura’s writing is good, neat and concise – something I always need from a book. The plot evolves nicely too although i would have liked a deeper involvement much earlier in the story but I can see why she worked it the way she did and it does work. The characters sound like people, or parts of people, she knows and they all stand up and are consistent, congruent. I find myself liking the Maya people and finding them interesting, deep and sensible while wanting to slap all of the American characters at times LOL but that doesn’t stop the page-turning quality of the story. I’m not a YA fan but this bridges the gap between young adult and adult, I kept on picking it up and reading whenever I got the chance, just had to get to the end.

The end is satisfying and not happy-ever-after which is very good, it’s real and still has problems, things that will be difficult. I very much like it that Maddie grows, and grows up, setting her feet firmly on the adult path and understanding the responsibilities she takes on. There’s a good opportunity for a follow-up book here and I’d very much like that πŸ™‚