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beneath the surface by jo kehyaian 15 November 2014

outside the box

the lorry stops in the road calling the traffic to a halt. a massive steel arm cranks upwards and outwards. it swings across to the pavement and a giant crab claw lowers a huge white woven bag to the ground. half a tonne of lime mortar has arrived.

i’m re-pointing my wall. hours and hours of digging and scraping with increasingly smaller and sharper implements has whiled away many days. it’s felt like something between giant dentistry and cleaning the mud out of a horses hoof – many horses, many times over.

i hammer up bricks and pack nooks and crannies with ‘gallets’ or ‘pinnings’. i ease mortar deep into the gaps until they are flush and filled. 5 hours, one bag of mortar down, at least 20 more bags to go….. it’s slow but satisfying. this is something new. i’ve not done it before. it reminds me of working with soft clay and the tools are similar to those i’ve used in pottery and sculpture. and i’m mulling thoughts over in my head.

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