It all started so innocently…

Following our wonderful visit to Chepstow Wassail earlier in the year, we had made important connections with some of the folk concerned with the Mari Lwyd. These were re-ignited when I received a message from the couple who operate the Y Fari Troellog, one version of the Mari Lwyd. They were coming to Cornwall over Halloween bringing their Mari and asked if we would like to meet up and bring our Oss, Penkevyll.

Cheparow 2014

Y Fari Troellog

My partner, Laetitia, then had the brilliant idea of meeting up at the Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle and making an event of it. I wrote to the Museum and they agreed to our plans and the next couple of weeks were filled with myriads of emails and Facebook messages flying to and fro encouraging folks to come and witness this historic event. One of the responses we had been from Mari Trecopr – so that was another Mari who wanted to come!

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