Just finished Alan Garner’s “The Moon of Gomrath” – for the umpteenth time πŸ™‚

This is my favourite of of Garner’s books. When I first read Garner I loved this one and Brisingamen, now I’ve come down to “like” and gomrath is the one I like best. I like it because it’s the one where Garner admits to and enables the Wild Magic to come out. The Wild Magic has been put down and suppressed by the “man’s magic” of Cadellin and his folk. for me there is one phrase that says it all, Colin asks Uthecar, “what is the wild magic for?”. Uthecar replies, “It’s not for anything, it just is.”
This is it … this is completely it. Cadellin’s magic is “for” things, it enables wizards and elves and such to “control” life. The wild magic is life!

I have to do lots of skipping in this (as in many books unfortunately), skipping over the bits that for me only show how little the characters know and how closed they are to anything greater than themselves … or at least greater than the authority figures such as Cadellin. There are some good bits where Susan desperately wants to push the responsibility for contact with the wild magic off onto the wizard with the common “Why me?” complaint. She cannot. She has to work with it and link to it. In the end she is the link that enables it to be again … as it should be.
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