womens suffrageI have a serious problem … who to vote for in 2015.

I loathe and hate and despise our current millionaire Tory MP, Jesse Norman.

I can’t support the likely LibDem candidate, Lucy Hurds. The LibDems have contributed to the ghastly mess the Tories are making of our country by supporting the Tories, going into partnership with them. There is no way I can support that.

The Hereford Green party website has not been updated since 2013 … that’s seriously reassuring!

I cannot stand UKIP!

There is nothing else … what do I do?

I hate this situation particularly because my great-aunt, Ursula Bright, is the woman who got the Married Women’s Property Act through parliament and so really got the women’s vote going. Since my great did all this hard work I don’t want to let her down by not voting but there isn’t anything to vote for!

I don’t mind that the Labour Party is very unlikely to get a candidate elected in Hereford – ye gods is this a gods forsaken Tory county! – if there was one I could at least vote for it. If the Green Party was alive rather than apparently mouldering underground somewhere I could vote for that. But there’s nowt, bugger all, zilch!