Jackie Morris' Cat
Jackie Morris’ Cat

I have another novel to write; it’s been brewing on the back-burner for a good while now but I’ve not had time to get there – and I still don’t as I must finish “Echo of Hearts”. But when I do “The Case of the Ginger Cat” may be the next one and Jackie Morris’ fabulous picture of one of her cats is a great inspiration for it.

It’s a mystery-cum-detective story and the protagonist is a ginger cat who shapeshifts into a man. He’s very long-lived and goes back to something like 450AD ๐Ÿ™‚ then suddenly finds himself woken up in the early 21st century with a big issue on his paws.

Of course, being me, he falls in love! The two of them -cat-man and girl – have to head into Wales to fix the issue and, of course (again!) it’s dangerous, life-threateningly so! I don’t know yet how it ends and it could be very difficult – I mean how do you have a relationship with someone who is 1500+ years old and likely to live for another 1500 years if not more? Errrm !!! Well that’s going to be part of the fun of writing the story, to walk with the two protagonists and see how they work it out … if they do!

Ho hum! I must get back to Echo of Hearts now – which is exciting me just as much and the two protagonists there are struggling through some rough stuff. I’m about half way through now and it’s reqauiring some organisation, re-organisation and lots of work. See you all again soon when I’ve got a few thousand more words under my belt.

And I really am looking forward to working with Ginger Cat … thank you, Jackie, for putting the lovely and inspirational pic up on Facebook ๐Ÿ™‚