friend Tammera has set me off again wanting a shepherd’s hut! I would love one in the garden and I’d be sleeping in it quite often too. It’s got to have a woodburner, I need to be warm and I need to be able to make a cuppa and cook myself something without having to go back into the house. You know, I could see it coming, I’d be living in the thing πŸ™‚

Probably need a compost loo out the back and somewhere to go for a shower now and then but it’d be hard to get me out of it.

They’re a bit bloomin’ expensive but it is something I might put on the “save up for” list. In the meantime i may have found somewhere on Dartmoor to go and play in …

I’d have mine painted with deer, foxes, badgers, falcons and other wildlife but I like the rough boarding. Mmmmm … if I get enough money I will be getting one πŸ™‚