It’s a bad day “at the office” for me today. There is so much crap happening that our “free press” doesn’t tell us about but that we all need to share around for the sake of our lives … yes, I mean that, for our lives!

All this crap that all our governments are doing a good job of either hiding from us or getting us to agree with will actually kill us. And they don’t care. No they really don’t.

Feudal systemDid you learn about the feudal system brought in to Britain by the Normans in 1066? If not, go to the link to learn more, it really is the epitome of the “them and us” situation we’re all in. Most of us are “them”, little guys, non-people who only matter in that they work to make wealth for the few big guys, the “Us” part of the equation – and yes, I used the capitalisation purposefully.

Does this remind you of anything? Try the “class system”, that’s where the idea of class comes from! And try the political or the business system …

For ages now most people’s idea of getting on is to climb to the top of the pyramid – thus perpetuating the system of them/us, have/have-not, etc.

For instance … do you know the real reason for the badger cull? It’s to build “super dairies” which have hundreds of cows that live indoors, in hell, in prison, for all of their very short lives, eating crap food and getting no exercise or sunshine. And the milk is destined for – wait for it – China! And places like Somerset would be ideal to develop these nightmare battery farms. The Chinese won’t buy from T.B. infected farms/herd’s so the government and the N.F.U. are hell bent on slaughtering the Badgers so they can make their money. And we, we the native people, are the ones who suffer along with the poor wretched cows!

Then there’s fracking … same sort of reasons. Then there’s wolves and wildlife and hen harriers and the birds in Malta. And all this stuff is about making profit, money, for the rich at the top of the pyramid.

Where do I stop? It seems as if there’s no end to it … and there isn’t! Not as long as we keep our heads in the sand, refuse to see the horrors perpetrated in our name and refuse to stop them.

Today, a whole lot of crap came to the surface and I’ve had to look, to see and to share it, because I cannot bear my fellow “little guys” to not know and so not be able to do anything about it. We can, you know. We can change it but it requires having the guts and the courage (the rage of the heart) to shout, complain, sign petitions (they really do work now because of social media!) and NOT vote for any of these crap people ever again.

So … if we don’t vote for the crap that stands up and asks us to, what do we vote for?

Do we even vote? Can we vote if there’s nobody up there we agree with? For far, far too long we’ve voted for the least-worst because there isn’t anyone else, do we want to go on doing that? Are we too scared to break this very old system which has been killing us and the Earth for hundreds of years, if not thousands?

Are you afraid to break the system?

Oooops! Is that anarchy? Is that terrorism? Well one of the most famous terrorists in the world was George Washington and look what it got him!

Are you prepared to bow down to other people’s shibboleths that you neither understand nor agree with? Are you prepared to continue living by someone else’s script?

I told you it was a bad day at the office!