Hare Girl
copyright Mike Rae

Well, I’m a very lucky girl 🙂 Mike Rae has said I may put this beautiful hare on the back cover of Moon Song which comes out with Cosmic Egg Books in the autumn.

You can see more of Mike’s fantastic picture on his website. Mike’s been all over the place so as he puts it, “I’m not just a rabbit bloke” :-). His pictures of bears in Canada and dolphins off British Columbia, otters in Norfolk, and the barn owls in Suffolk that he’s involved with are literally fabulous. Or you might like to spend some time wandering through his big cat pictures and then there’s the red squirrels and ospreys in Scotland. the only trouble I find with Mike’s pictures is that I spend far too much time enjoying them when I should be writing 🙂

So … so to waste your time like this, folks, but do go for it – this man’s work is phenomenal. And thanks again, Mike, for letting me use your hare pic on Moon Song, I promise you’ll get a copy when it comes out.

Here’s a few of Mike’s pics for a taster …

barn owl with prey barn owl barn owls bear cheetahs dolphin Osprey Osprey1 otter in norfolk otter2