wpid-20140824_090409.jpgI spent yesterday reorganising my bookshelves. It felt very good and satisfying remembering books I’ve not read for years, finding ones that need to go on to someone else and re-stacking old treasures that I don’t expect ever to leave me. I’ve only got about half way through the job, more to do today, or more likely tomorrow as the forecast says today will be sunny and then, from tonight, it’s going to be a dampish sort of week. That sounds like a good time to do the indoor stuff … as well as write, write, and write! I do have to get on with the next crisis in the current novel which is coming together in my head nicely, but I really, really am going to do the indoor clearing-out stuff too.

The shelves in the picture contain (fairly well, although I still need to do a bit or sorting) my fiction reading. Much of it is fantasy, Ursula le Guin, Roger Zelazny, Frank Herbert and such like. But there’s a strong romance and mystery angle too with Mary Stewart, Daphne du Maurier, Dornford Yates and Dorothy Sayers. The shelves also include Georges Simenon, Alan Garner, Arthur Machen, John le Carre, HP Lovecraft, Mary Renault, Raymond Chandler, CS Lewis, Elis Peters, Frederick Forsyth, Alistair MacLean, Tom Clancy, Humphrey Hawksley and John Wyndham. I’ve got a very mixed and eclectic taste in reading matter!

My ult-faves are Terri Windling’s The Wood Wife, TS Eliot’s Collected Poems, lots of Ted Hughes, AA Milne’s Pooh books, Wind in the Willows, Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising and some of Mary Renault’s Greek novels. If the house catches fire they will be rescued immediately after the cats, my laptop and my phone. I suppose I’d better collect those together in one bag just in case, LOL!

Doing the reorganising really made me notice how I’ve grown and changed over the years. The books I love, dog-eared and tattered from much reading, are there still and still the same. Others I’ve bought and enjoyed at the time no longer call me and they will shortly be on their way to Hay-on-Wye to be sold with a heartfelt thank you for what they gave me. Now it’s time for them to go and play with someone else.