Only 1,800 words this morning, so far, but masses of research. Le PuyThank the gods for Google maps, street view and Earth! I know all the roads and places this book goes to very well but I’ve not travelled them for 25 years, things change (even in France) over a quarter of a century. My heroine and hero have just stopped here and will soon be climbing the puig to the place of the stone of visions, where the deer left her tracks in the snow … It’s an amazing place and probably nearly as old as the land itself. The puig is the plug capping the mouth of a volcano, not a very ancient one as current guesses suggest it last blew its top about 7,500 years ago. But it’s incredibly special and well worth climbing the 268 steps to the top. it’s a “treasure hunt” but I’ve still not got a title for this one although we are best part of a quarter of the way in.

They are shortly to have a lovely dinner with an artist friend of fish soup followed by Puy lentils …


…  that should set them up for the climb to the top of the mountain 🙂