shaman spiritA friend sent me this link … I like it and Eric Arballo’s picture is gorgeous. I largely agree with this writer.

The spirit of place is already there – and waiting for you to make the effort to say Hi, after all it’s only polite to greet someone when you come into their backyard! They’ve been there forever, they know all about the place, they’re very willing to show you and teach you about it too. They will certainly be interested in working with you; I don’t find the larger spirits to be particularly offhand though as long as I’m polite.

The writer goes on to say, “This may seem like less of a concern to you, but help a spirit out here! Many spirits work with barter and trade, you do something for them, they do something for you. Possibly that spirit who can help ground your rituals just wants a glass of beer left on the back porch. Or that spirit of creative inspiration who can help your poetry would like you to sing a song for them.”

For me, helping a spirit should never be of less concern to you! I do realise though that many people are so wrapped up in themselves they don’t consider spirit may have needs. Otherworld always trades and barters with us, we have things to give them they have things to give us, things they’d like to give us but it’s no good just dumping presents on people, they just get spoilt and selfish. Exchange enables respect on both sides 🙂 And that idea of a glass of beer is no joke, lots of us have been asked for that and it’s very happily received.

The final reason the writer tells us is, “We all like the idea of working with some big powerful spirit that helps us get what we want, teaches us ancient knowledge, and imbues us with power! However those larger spirits are a lot more demanding, want larger offerings, and are more likely to want and have the upper hand. Sometimes they are jerks, and whoever is working with them, can find out just how much of a jerk they are a bit late. However, smaller, local spirits can help you create a good connection to the place you are in, and learn to use your own power better. And that is worth much more than borrowed power from an unreliable source!”

Well, needing to have the kudos of working with something big and powerful that is going to make you powerful too does say that you’re not yet grown-up! All spirits can be tricksy and may seem demanding, that’s because they are trying (despite our thick heads!) to teach us but I’ve never in all my 66 years of intimacy with spirit found one who is a jerk. I have met many thought-forms made by humans who are posing as spirits!they were usuaully jerks … like the humans who created them !!!

But spirits? No, never. They’ve always been helpful ad very good to work with even when they sometimes see the need to give me a kick in the arse to wake me up 🙂

You just gotta learn to tell the difference between spirits and human-created thought-forms !!!