I’d decided for this workshop to focus on our native and not so native weeds. The great unloved plants of our gardens, parks, road verges and wastelands. Many people spend countless of hours of back breaking work pulling them up and millions of pounds collectively in highly toxic chemicals to eradicate them. Our wild weeds are known by sight by most people even though they don’t know their names or anything about them. Most weeds are our native wild medicine, placed close to where we live as a gifts of mother nature for our food, medicine and utility uses such as in cordage and dyes. Many of our weeds have become part of our folk memory and magic, being used in charms and amulets and having elaborate instructions for their harvest and collection. Our weeds are our wild medicine. strong, resilient, healthy and prolific. Our bodies have evolved with our native plants and since the first breath of humanity have formed part of the survival of our ancestors and our species.

via Weeds and Wild Medicine Workshop at Pagancon – 13th July 2013 | Edwina Hodkinson.