safely yesterday late afternoon. The outside bones (tarsal & metatarsal) of left foot had crumbled, which was why it never healed. Bissell (surgeon) took the “rubble” away so I only have four bones in that foot now. He tells me cartilage will grow in the space and I’ll be walking OK. I’m hobbling quite well now even, on the sticks. Some thoughts of crumbling mummies flitting through head !!! Hope the right foot doesn’t crumble too … shall keep an extra eye on it as I think I now know what the precursor pain feels like.

I felt very woozy yesterday, upset tummy too which is partly the anaesthetic but also that the hospital has been full of vomiting disease for the last couple of weeks to the extent of them having to jerry-rig extra space out of half of the osteo-clinic area! and with no “clean space” between the jerry-rig and us day-patients coming to clinic! Both the last two times I went in I came back with a medium case of the runs. It’s like all the old jokes of the pre-Florence Nightingale times that hospitals are where you go to catch disease! Dear Florrie must be turning in her grave! Admin in the hospital seems to be run by tick-box-degree-planks – the nurses call that department “Control” !!! They (Control) were trying to dump spare beds on the ward I was in … which already had a full complement of beds and nowhere to put any spares! It would have been funny to watch the arguments – like a Carry On film! – if it wasn’t also rather scary to extrapolate, if that’s how they mishandle beds what happens with drugs, treatment … and the cleaning! Ah well … don’t ask is perhaps best for one’s peace of mind!

Slept a lot yesterday when I got home and shall do some more sleeping today. Nice day out there, heavy frost but likely sun later. May wrap up super-warm and lie on the lounger out by the pond. Hubby is kindly rushing about bringing me tea and dry toast, rescue remedy etc, etc. Pain OK, very mild at present.