Scottish Wildcat by Colette Cheyne – magical picture
I just got this from the Scottish Wildcat Assoiation, it’s a lovely idea, do support it if you can, get involved and promote amongst your friends.

There are reported to be only 35 pure Scottish Wildcats left in existence. This gallery is intended to help raise funds for a project where the Scottish Wildcat Association (SWA) is planning to create a Haven on a peninsular in Scotland.

This Wildcat Haven is a place where there are no feral cats. It’s a place where roads are small and all drive carefully, where development means a new wildlife hide at the edge of a croft. I will post more details when I get them.

The intention

As an artist I need as many reference shots as possible when I am painting to make sure that my colours and tones are correct and I am sure I am not alone. I also use parts of pictures to create a composition to paint so I am appealing to photographers with pictures of Wildcats to upload them into a “Box” account.

In the “Box” account the photographer will be given his/her own folder to upload images to (as many or as few as you would like artists to use) and in that folder you can place your terms and conditions for use. ie. a link to your website or mention of your name in the gallery if the picture is used. The “Box” account can only be accessed by invited artists who need to submit an email address before being allowed to peruse the “Box”, only the photographer and myself will have administrative control over their folder, the artist will only be able to view and download the images.


This gallery is being set up for the benefit of the Wildcats, but is open to anyone wanting to submit an Artwork with a percentage of the proceeds of sale to go to the Haven project.

Hopefully, there will be some reference photos provided by photographers to help you create a mini masterpiece. The artist will have his/her own page in the gallery with a short write up, description of the artwork and a price for each artwork shown. You can have a link to your website to make the financial transaction easier for you and also to advertise yourself. A percentage of the money from each sale must go to the SWA Haven account, this can be done by using Paypal.

You can sell original art or Giclée prints or both if you have the resources. If you want to sell Giclée prints but do not have access to a printer, I may be able to help, but I would have to cover the costs of printing and would have to make a small charge. ( This can be discussed.

Artists: Colette Cheyne, David Mayer, Polo

Please contact me with any suggestions/ideas you have about this idea.

Cheers, Phil.