ImageAs well as the Fire workshop on 30th Sept 2012 I’ll be doing one on the Wheel of the Seasons.

This will be a 1-day workshop, very practical as well as journeying; we’ll journey through the seasons beginig at Sun-Return first thig in the morning, goint to Midsummer around lunchtime, then down to Samhain for the final closing; following the sun as he does his annual journey in little through the day. You will journey, then craft your own wheel from what you were shown in the journey; your crafting can be either 3D or a painting, it’s up to you, so you take your wheel home with you at the end of the day.

Dates to be confirmed but it will be this winter. I have an operation on my feet in Oct so it will have to be a bit after that, when I can walk on them again, and I hope it will be at Wolf Paw Tipi Village.

Keep watching my Faebook Events and here for more. Do ontact me here if you’d like to come.