Music often helps pull and twist and spiral the ideas where they want to go. As the current novel is a love story – well that’s what I write, in Otherworld – the music is what turns me on, what spikes a love affair for me.

This morning began with “The Bug”, raunchy, and sung by what used to be one of the most beautiful men in the world (for me). Poor old sod still has his voice but his body’s fairly shot now, as is mine! The hero of “Oak Man” looks like him, like Marc Knopfler of 25 years ago. And he’s a musician, not the same genre, Gethyn is a fiddler and storyteller, and he sings. He meets his dream, having run away from home in the hope of funding her … but she pulls him relentlessly back to his roots. Aislin, as het name tells, is not of this world although she very much appears to be.

Off to work on their first sexual encounter …

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