The Elen Drum

Well … here she is at last.

She made me wait until the beginning of the Lammas season before she would let me paint her; now, on the eve of Lammas Eve I was able to do it.

It’s complex: her face was always there, in the skin, since I first saw it but how she wanted to be portrayed took time and journeying. doing this, painting a drum for instance, changes me as much as it changes the drum. I become more her, she allows me to shift into her skin, feel with her nerves, sing with her voice … shift into being her. She also shifts, learning about me, feeling me, sensing me, thinking with me, sharing intuition. We are no longer only two separate beings who love each other: now we are a pair who sing together.

This will grow, get better and better the more we work together. It’s not about me taking her orders, and certainly not about me giving her orders! It’s about us working together, working towards a group plan, the plan of our totem-group which in its turn fits into the larger picture of the Earth’s plan, which fits into the solar system’s plan, and so ad ifinitum :-). I can see part of this plan, Elen-Drum sees another part, we bring our visions together and each can see further still. The more we work together the wider and deeper our joint vision gets. We become more useful in the Earth’s plan … and all the rest :-).

Elen-Drum says there is some more to do with her paint-job; this afternoon se suggested some gold paint. I don’t have any at the moment so it will have to be in a few days when I get back from Derbyshire. Working with a Familiar … and Elen-Drum is one of my familiar spirits … is a lifetime adventure.