If you’ve not yet read this book, and are a follower of Elen’s Ways, then get it now and read it.

MacFarlane is a magician with words, one of the Master Enchanters of Britain. I’ve just got the book and found myself enchanted by the time I’d read to the end of the first sentence. The man is in touch, in tune, with the Earth and with the music of language. He spins the threads and weaves the words into such a pattern of magic “that a spoon might stand up.in it”; the magic is that thick. You are walking with him as you read; forgotten is the place and time where you sit reading, your body may well be there but your spirit is gone journeying with the master enchanter.

He tells of tracks, the marks of beasts and birds; of following them, finding where they lead him; of the beasts and birds themselves and what he learns of them. He tells of tracks, the roads both old and new, the ways from here to there and back again and where the take him. He journeys both night and day, showing how places where different clothes at different times of day and night.

He takes you journeying along Elen’s Ways. I’m off back there now to journey with him some more.

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