I hope I’ve just found a new place to work :-). Through friends, I got invited to the birthing of a ceremonial tipi on Tuesday night (full moon, 3rd July 2012); it was a wonderful experience. The 30ft diameter tipi was put up with much laughter, a few scary moments and a great organic coming together of everyone’s energy. Being an ancient crone I feel quite OK about saying I cannot abide overly organised events! I don’t feel the Earth is too keen on them either. Everything always works better when people feel into each other, grope their way towards what the Land’s purpose is and how their common effort can aid in her work. I just don’t go for these scripted and project managed affairs that seem to be all head-stuff, concerned with some sort of spiritual health-n-safety and don’t frighten the newbies stuff … grrr! You heard me growl *g*. We didn’t do that last night.

Last night was a meeting. People came together with the immediate purpose of raising the tipi; a less defined purpose of getting to know each other; and an overall sense of birthing and celebrating the tipi. The latter felt to me like the welcoming of a new member of the family – which indeed she is. We shared food and drink – an old custom of these lands and of all ancient communities. It seems that to most of our ancestors (from whatever part of the world) the stranger is sacred, the visitor from the gods; this is certainly true in the Celtic lands. We were gifted and treasured as such last night.

We brought gifts ourselves, and our drums and voices and songs. After the food and drink we went to the tipi and began her celebration. It grew and evolved including all of us. Wolf Paw began us, celebrating the spirits of the directions in Lakota style and smudging us with white sage. Paddy invited us to work in our own way with the directions so I greeted them (with him) in the Celtic style. Next time I must take some fly agaric & mugwort incense for this, but this time I used the bells and hag-stones as I normally would. Then another man spoke about the “word” (Logos), how we use words, how we’ve forgotten a lot of the meanings of what we say and how we need to reclaim them; then he got us all sounding which was wonderful.

The drumming began and grew organically, everyone feeling into each other. Watching the threads from each of us twining together and rising up the poles of the tipi to twine with the Earth/Sky threads was beautiful.

Larna and Paddy brought in some materials so we could each make prayer-ties. For me, these are like the things we gift to Wishing Trees or Fires. I love the way the Old Ways are so similar from one tradition to another; it shows me how Spirit is within all of us … once we get our heads out of the way *g*.

The evening ended with us all singing in a circle. AnneMarie, Jennie and Nina led this; it was great fun. We finished with one of the men (with guitar) getting us all singing Bob Marley’s “One Love” … I even danced for that, hope nobody took a pic!

I’m much looking forward to working there again …