Beautiful sunrise glimmering over the treetops, birds caroling all around me singing the Apple God’s praises. Until 24 June he stands still in the sky now, rising at the same point, and then he begins his journey down into the dark.

For me, it’s like the photon which takes its name from him, rising up and taking in light, then falling back and giving out that light. The sun has drawn the Earth energy upwards since his last standstill at midwinter, drawing up the growing energy, now it must be used. The plants are burgeoning, the rain has given them life, now they must grow that life to harvest.

We’re coming now towards harvest, at Lammas, the cutting down and eating of the Apple God’s energy to feed and to inspire us. The custom of the making-sacred (sacrificing) of the god, Sovereignty’s guardian and gardener, happens all over the world, particularly in the temperate zones. This morning he was crowned in all his glory and, three days hence, he begins to walk his path back down into the underworld to be reborn at his next standstill. At Lammas, we will cut him all down at the knee to make our bread and beer. He is our Summer King now. By d


ying, willingly, and being reborn he turns the seasons for the Goddess and guards her ways.

Tonight we’ll go to one of his
sacred places and give him joy.

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