Chris Packham … oh ye gods! The man has no idea of interconnectedness or web, everything for him is a battle. How did he get his doctorate and still be so dumb? answer: because our education system is so ridiculous.

He’s going on and on about “pests” who “attack” the plants. Then on about how the plants “defend” themselves. There is only one pest on this planet and that’s the human pest, everything else lives in a dynamic harmony. Does he not eat things? Probably meat and veg … the only difference being he is not living in harmony with the rest of the Earth while the rainforest plants and animals all live together very equably … until some damned human comes in and buggers the system up. The forest is complete. If the “pests” did not eat most of the myriad seeds produced by the plants and there would be no room for them because of the over-breeding. The excess is produced to keep the creatures that live on it, provided there is balance between the eaten and the eater.

Famine and drought help to control numbers of both plants and animals (except amongst humans). Many animals are able to reabsorb the foetus if the conditions are not right for giving birth (again, humans don’t have this capability, we lost it).

On the programme we are now hearing that elephants carrying seeds in their digestive systems for many km across the forest has created a nightmare for Nature. This is because there may not be any other trees like it in the new venue! He’s now said that bees are no good as pollinators because they drop pollen on any old flower rather than on flowers of the same species that the pollen came from … what ??? What absolute bollocks! He’s obviously never watched bees. Bees spend their time on one species of flower for some hours before moving to another – does he not know that the whole world (not just Britain) relies on pollinating insects? The whole programme is like this, authoritative sounding bullshit coming over as certified truth, and from a man with alphabet soup after his name just to make sure you bow down. Arrrrggghhh !!!

My worst fear and trouble over this programme is that many, many people will believe him. They know no better, they’ve had no education to counteract his rubbish. We are creating a world of 7 billion morons … and we expect to be able to survive? Packham’s programme has all the worst traits in it … little tidbits of truth snuck into the morass of misunderstanding and misinformation. Really, unless you watch Attenborough the likelihood of you getting good and true info is remote.  Life, nature, is not a continuous battle, it’s a wonderful interconnected web of many thousands of billions of years of experience while we humans have barely been around on Earth for half a million years … ho hum, it doesn’t sound like we know very much, not even what we don’t know.

He’s finishing up by saying the Brazil nut tree and the little rodent, agoutie, have no idea how important they are to each other – ye gods! How can he be so arrogant? Just because he has no idea how to communicate with plants and animals he believes they have no intelligence or consciousness. This, – really, I mean it – this is why we screw up the Earth. We have no idea how to communicate with anything that isn’t human; we’ve lost it, we used to have it and can have it again if and when we stop believing ourselves to be the crown of creation. Once we are humble enough to know we know very little except that we must listen to our elders – the plants and animals – something Packham doesn’t seem to realise. go listen to James Lovelock Dr Packham.

Please, please people go and learn – and NOT from Wikipedia which is largely another source of misinformation. We need to know reality not some simplistic and wrong version of it.