BBC News – Heathrow squatters fight eviction plans.

from this to this !!!

I feel so passionately about this and all other projects like it! So do local residents.

A Facebook friend alerted me to it again. I find it very important and part of what will have to be our way forward in Life for the future … once people get over the attitude of the BBC economics programme advert of “When with this squeeze stop hurting our pockets”!

The latest crud in the Euro-Saga (nothing like such a good soap as Corrie or Eastenders!) where we’re printing more money and giving it to the banks – for the gods’ sake !!! – is just a stop-gap to try to hide the fact that the whole concept of money as a commodity is tha absolute bollocks I realised it was in my “Economic History” A level class back in 1964. In fact, way back then, our teacher showed us how it was in class, that it is all air and totally unsustainable. We were doing “the South Sea Bubble” – where all the “bubble” names for current economic flops comes from – at the time; he said the future economic crisis that would come from the adulation of money and turning it from a means of exchange into a commodity to be desired would make that look like a storm in a teacup. Hmmm! Very clairvoyant of him.

In this particular case at Heathrow the landowner has suddenly seen that his rubbish-tip land has a lot of value – as another runway for Heathrow, so we can pour even more aircraft pollution into the skies, upset the climate even faster, hasten global warming, and make summers like our current one the norm. Hmmmm again! what a jolly good idea. Of course, Mr Whoeveritis hopes to make a mint of money on the deal. For himself. To finance his own lifestyle. Probably make even more pollution. He’ll do his damnedest i suspect to avoid and evade as much tax as possible so there will be even less money to help the poorer folk of this country; even less to spend on refurbishing the waterworks of this country – oh! sorry! they’re not ours any more are they? They’re all owned by rich shareholders who again just want to make money. Silly me!

Look at this film. Follow up on the squatters.  Unless, of course, you happen to be one of those landowners out to make as much profit for yourself as possible – I suspect there aren’t many of those who either follow my blog or are my friends on FB. We need to change our whole perspective on money and lifestyle and our relationship with each other as well as with the rest of creation (all older than us) with whom we share this lovely Planet Earth.

These people have found a way. they have healed that little part of the Earth, made her beautiful and productive again where she had been dumped on, poisoned and hurt. they are looking after themselves, they know how to do it themselves, I suspect they are teaching others how to as well. They have provided a community centre which the other folk who live there enjoy. they are feeding themselves and others too. If the landlord gets his way it will all be killed, tarmaced over, full of pollution including noise pollution, and an eyesore. The other local residents will suffer as well as lose their community centre. The only people who will gain are the landowner, the shareholders of Heathrow, the rich people who can afford air-travel; and they won;t gain for long because the current way we mismanage money is going down the drain despite whatever fatuous platitudes politicians try to con us with.

look around in your own area … where could this greening and healing happen there ???