Tar sands mine in canada
Tar sands mine in canada

BBC News – Ecocide: A legal green high?.

I’m glad this thought has surfaced – though how you would enforce it boggles the mind! That would require a real change in attitudes from all of us – which is the heart of the whole problem anyway, we have to stop

  • being selfish
  • feeling separate from anything not human
  • thinking we are the top of the tree and know best

I am certainly not holding my breath on any of these outcomes!

But I’m still glad that thinking has moved far enough that the BBC can actually voice this concern and possibility. It’s a huge question to get your head around … but if we don’t we’ll die!just to mention a couple of things …

  • We’re killing bees … without bees to pollinate there will be NO FOOD; not less food, no food!
  •  We are using far too much water … without water we will die!

To make ecocide a crime that we-the-people do not tolerate is a good idea. but how to enable that change of attitude ???

Get yhour thinking caps on, folks, work on your own attitudes and that will help you enable yourself and others 🙂