Oh! I’ve not seen it for a good while – The Secret Garden. It’s the cunning ways I remember from childhood.

I learned to make the birdcalls (while I still had fingers and teeth to whistle with!), uncle taught me; and to sit still, wait and watch so the animals and birds would come close.

The robin still comes to tell me things, lead me places. This story shows the ways of the Land, how to go with it rather than control, how – if you ask – you will be shown the way, unlock the doors, open into the garden; how if you help the plants they will grow.

To Dickon … “Are these your animals?” … “Yes”.


“When you open the door you can’t see anything. You go down some steps and at the bottom you are surrounded by flowers, new ones come up all the time, baby animals are being born … ”

Magic is being part of the Land, part of the Earth …