Dyfrig's Pool

Walking with the spirit of the land is a wonderful experience. Today we walked young paths that are bringing out ancient energies. Dyfrig’s Pool is only about 400+ years old. To quote Herefordshire Through Time …

“Devereux Park is recorded in 1575, but is first shown on Deeley’s 1680 plan of Stoke Edith parish. The Stoke Edith estate, including Devereux Park, was bought by Paul Foley c. 1680, and the park is referred to by his steward in 1693. Most 18th century maps show the park, and Repton’s new carriage drive of c. 1800 at Stoke Edith finished at Devereux Pool. At this period the park was also being quarried. The 1831 OS 1″ map shows two further pools S of the Devereux Pool.”

The name Devereux is the frenchification of the British name Dyfrig, which means “water baby” (see his story). Dyfrig is a “fatherless child”, a child born of a human mother and a Faer father. This concept goes all around the world, well known examples include Ahura Mazda and Jesus … and Merlin. Dyfrig is Merlin for us in these parts, his energy appears all over Britain.

The Normans, not being entirely thick, took up names in the country they conquered and turned them into their own language, Dyfrig to Devereux is one of these. The spirit of the land – everywhere on Earth – is a huge and powerful being, she influences our thinking willy nilly, whether we wish to acknowledge her or not. Getting the Normans to take the name of one of her Guardians is an example of this.

We walked her woods here, the paths by the three pools, and worked at each pool. The paths are young compared with some of the Neolithic and even Paleolithic tracks we’ve walked, just a few hundred years old, and you can feel this. There is a solid, single line that we could mostly feel, sometimes some of is got the double helix track, and a couple of times I felt the shadow of the triple track.

The more a track is walked, consciously and asking to connect with its spirit, the more it comes to life. These paths have only had 400+ years rather than the thousands of years of the post Ice Age tracks, or the even more ancient ones we’ve walked.

We walked consciously. The track responded. But it also said, “not now, not here” to us at times and we respected its wishes. It knows what it needs and when. We did promise to come back later in the year and walk it again :-).

badger print
otter prints

We were blessed to find badger, otter and herin tracks as well as seeing Coots, moorhens, Canada geese with their goslings, ducks, and all the beautiful spring flowers. We walked in the time of the new moon as well as a solar eclipse, the energies were very strong.

Spirit walking is such a fulfilling and rewarding thing to do, we know our land a little better each time we do it, and we know our place in the land better too. Looking forward to our next walk down in Chepstow Park Woods on 10th June.

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