I love listening to the radio; currently Radio 4 Extra is re-doing the old “Vivat Rex” with Richard Burton (honey-tongue!) 200 years of British history. We’ve just been treated to the usurpation of the Richard II by Henry IV. Now … did you know that Henry IV was Henry Bolingbroke, Henry of Lancaster, the Earl of Derby and the Duke of Hereford?  As well as fighting Owen Glyndour Henry had trouble with the Earl of Worcester.

He fought Henry “Hotspur” Percy and Thomas Percy, Earl of Worcester at Shrewsbury, where he won. He captured the Earl of Worcester who was executed for his part in the rebellion. Henry IV had (IMO) set off the rebellion by being very ungenerous to Hotspur who had helped him against the Scots, demanding the prisoners Hotspur had captured – prisoners were a means of revenue, you sold them back to their people, so Henry IV was putting Hotspur well out of pocket hence (partly) he rebelled.

Ho hum! It all sounds vastly familiar, doesn’t it – money rules!

This was all Norman stuff though,  our two Moots do not behave this way! But it made me grin when I heard Henry IV named Duke of Hereford and was reminded of his troubles with the Earl of Worcester. We have a strong (if inglorious) history in these parts *g*. I’m glad I live now and not then !!!