At last! Modern walkers have got a grip :-). This article from Walk Highlands is about wearing pure wool, I’ve been making and wearing this for years. No smell problem as animals have all the antibacterial stuff human chemists still don’t know how to do, it deals with moisture very well too … say it for sheep *g*.

Chocolate Fish Taranaki 190 Merino Baselayer Long-Sleeve Zipneck

If the Patagonia Capilene series is my baseline synthetic baselayer, the Chocolate Fish range is the merino equivalent. Both the 190 weight and thicker 260 weight offer no frills (such as thumb loops), just the finest merino available crafted into a very well-cut zipneck top. The neck is just on the right side of snug when zipped up fully, similarly the sleeves can be pushed up beyond the elbow without restricting circulation and are long enough to prevent gaps. This also the only baselayer I’ve seen with overlocked or serged seams – they aren’t as aesthetically pleasing to garment designers but feel less bulky than the omnipresent flatlocked method. I can’t even detect the seam that runs right across the shoulder when wearing a pack. Chocolate Fish put a lot of effort into ensuring that their merino is the best available, not just in terms of performance but also sustainability. The garments are actually made in New Zealand, not just from New Zealand merino shipped abroad, and the quality is obvious. I’m a little ashamed to say it, but I’ve been wearing the Taranaki 190 for over a fortnight now and it doesn’t smell. At all. I’m beginning to think it’s witchcraft. My penchant for simplicity might be a bit obvious throughout this series of reviews, but for a hillwalker requiring a basic merino baselayer without the characteristics imparted by synthetics and blends, this is hard to beat.

Female equivalent? Nope.

Materials: 100% Merino Wool Weight: 283g (L)

If you can knit it’s easy to make your own πŸ™‚