Being back home again it seems soooo long ago since we left. This is episode 1 …

The Kite Waggon

We got off to a good early start and headed up the Leominster road, to go via Shrewsbury, then on to Cheshire to climb over the Pennines and arrive in York in the afternoon. We managed very well and the Kite Waggon showed her metal climbing the mountains. It’s a long time since I’ve sat high up in a truck, it’s fantastic having such a great view.

Many years since I’ve been to York too. It’s a small, pretty city enclosed in its wall with the Fosse forming a moat. We fetched up at the camp site first and got a great place on hard standing and close enough to the facilities, then headed into York to meet Steve and the PFNE folk at the Black Swan.

Black Swan Cat

It’s a great tavern and pagan-friendly. Fiona parked the Waggon absolutely to an inch in their narrow-entranced car park, then we headed for the bar. I had OP (Old Peculiar) it being one of the old mainstays of Yorkshire while Fiona had Dragon ale (she is a dragon, after all). The place is obviously owned by a very good cat, completely black and very witchy.

Steve soon came to fetch us up to the Moot where we met lots of interesting folk, some local but quite a lot from all over the country. It was a good introduction.

Fiona at our PFNE stall

Back at the camp site – nicely out of town and quiet – we had a cup of tea in the Waggon and settled down to sleep in our sleeping bags on the sheepskins, very comfortable. An early start the next morning got us into the city and parked before all the Saturday traffic. It didn’t take long to set up our stall and find the workshop room facilities (which were very good). There was a cup of tea and a flapjack going too from the eatery which perked us up no end.

We were selling handmade runes (Fiona) and my books, pictures and cards this time. It was very busy and we had lots of interest, then at 10.15 I went off to give the Numerology workshop. This was fun! Lots of people turned up, in fact I had to shut the door else they wouldn’t have had room; it’s a partly practical, hand-on w/s (a real workshop!) where you get a chance to do some of it yourself. Drawing the beautiful numbers patterns for yourself and working out your own birthday numbers really helps you get a handle on the concepts. Everyone enjoyed it and Steve has asked me to come back next year and do a full day for them … keep watching this page :-).

Back at the stall – with a much needed cup of tea – I sat down and held the fort so Fiona could go and have a look around. There were lots of lovely things to see including a superb leather-worker who I ordered a sheath for my knife from (much looking fwd to it) and an Indian 5 or 6 hole flute maker. I would have loved one but just don’t have the money right now. I found I can still play it despite the twisted rheumatic fingers which is more than I can with recorders any more :-(.

In the afternoon Fiona did her Runes workshop, again some hand-on work and exploring for yourself as well as a story. It was much appreciated and Steve wants her to do a day one next year.

We had a good day, made some money and lots of friends. I understand it’ll be a couple of years, 2013, before Steve does another one as it’s a helluva lot of work, but we’ll be back to do the Numerology & Rune workshops next year. As my Celtic Chakras book will out then I hope to do a 1-day workshop on that too … keep watching.

We found another pub, the Golden Fleece, with excellent food and beer to have our dinner in. Back at the campsite we curled up and went to sleep, to be ready for another early start the next day.