Today was Forsinard, the Flow Country, the largest area of blanket bog in the world. Amazing, dark, brooding, peaceful and full of boggarts. And full of wonderful plants just beginning to flower. The season is a month behind us at home in Hereford, still winter with the earth just stirring now. We walked out into the bog land on the trail the RSPB have made, it’s NOT safe to walk the bog unless you have perfect foot dowsing as the deer and the wildcats do – I haven’t!

The walking was wonderful. Windy but so silent of human sounds, just the land and the beasts and the birds. And the sky. It’s a wide, broad spacious land.

On our way north we saw the back end and tail of a wildcat leaping into the off side bank … a sign again, especially as we are in Caithness, the land of the Cat.