Up early, cuddle cats over a cup of tea. I’ll miss them, wish they were travellers but not this pair. Excited, the beginning of an adventure; I’ve been to York a long time ago but never to Sutherland, Caithness or Orkney.

Looking forward to the PFNE Spring Convention, be good to meet folk, some new, some friends not seen for a long time. Some butterflies over the Numerology w/s, I always get them although the stuff is in my bones. I’ll allow it to percolate on the journey today, have already asked Otherworld to give me the right words for the people on the day. They always do that … as long as I ask :-). I’m bringing the last copy of the numerology book too, will get it on Kindle when I’m back from Scotland.

So … here we go, here we go, here we go! Will try to post pix along the way.