The Elen Deer Lady trip is nearly ready for the off.

Packing … shopping … lists … where shall we put this? All that stuff J.
At the market this morning, first to get the super organic bread and currant loaf that’s to come with us – all made with Welsh flour and sourdough yeasts grown by Alex-the-Baker. Delishhhh!

Then Fiona went to the lady with the cow hides, sheepskins and reindeer skins. That stall is BAD NEWS, at least for my bank balance. There were two especially amazing cow hides, one was a White Park cross Hereford, mostly creamy white but with some lovely auburn spots; the other was an Aberdeen Angus cow, all black except for the swirly bits in her armpits, soooo gorgeous. Aberdeenshire is Fiona’s native land so there was absolutely no question … it came home with us! I got myself another sheep fleece; the woman said it was a Herdwick cross so I was expecting to be touching a wire brush but it was long and soft and silky! We chatted about it and thought maybe it was a merino cross, that would give it the length and silk-feel. Whatever, it is … sorry, heis … soft grey, white and black, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. My other sheepskin that I sleep on in a Jacobs, dark brownish-black with some white and has always been my wolf, now he has a brother. I’ll be sleeping on them in the “Kite Wagon”, on top of the Aberdeen lady’s skin.

Celtic tradition has been using cow and bull hides as inspiration for seeing dreams since time out of mind, wonder what dreams we’ll get on our Elen trip?

 We spent the afternoon packing boxes, food, all the things we’ll need as well as the stuff for the stall at the York PFNE Spring Convention. My cards arrived today too … here’s three of the ones I’m taking … you’ll be able to buy them at the Convention, look for the Bright Darkness stall.

Look out for the Bright Darkness logo 🙂