Blessed rain πŸ™‚

It was very heavy and the wind, she did blow, but now it’s cleared and the birds are singing, out in the garden feeding, and the whole land looks so refreshed.

I was out gardening yesterday, hands in the earth, and our land is not too bad. We’ve had some rain and the condition of the soil is so good it’s able to take it in and hold it, in consequence the plants are doing well. There’s lots to eat out there, both cooking greens and salad; the overwintered stuff is coming along nicely too and strawberries in the greenhouse are flowering! But this rain has helped enormously.

Where would we be without rain? Starving! As well as nowt to drink, no washing, etc, etc. Listening to the news or the weather you’d think it was all doom and gloom if we don’t have wall-to-wall sunshine all the time … driving treacherous they tell you if we get rain; kids miserable; they call it “bad weather”. I ask you, how dumb can you get? Are we really this dumb? Are we really like spoilt kids if the sun don’t shine? Do we really not understand that rain is essential for life, our life, all life?

Unfortunately, it seems many, most perhaps, are just that. We may have SATS, league tables, statistics, experts, academics … Uncle Tom Cobley and All … but we really know very little. If you take away cars, supermarkets, TV, Google, Wikipedia (so often wrong as it is!) What happens? Think about it, could you survive, let alone live well? Well you could, if you knew how.

Ray Mears and others as well as cunning folk, awenyddion, shamans, help people to understand how to live “with” the Earth rather than “on” her. A growing number of folk are wanting to learn which is great.

Rain is part of this, weather is part of this. Thank the gods for the rain last night, may there be more please for the good of all life πŸ™‚