Been travelling for the last couple of weeks – hither and yon, Exmoor, the Marches, Kent, back home. Today the garden called. “You’ve been away,” she said, “I need you!” So I worked with her this morning.

The grass needed cutting, pruning for cutting the grass is pruning it and helps it to grow if carefully done. The scent of mown grass is heavenly! Yes, mowing is hard work but the trade is to be transported by the scent. Joy as well as sweat, and the satisfaction of seeing the garden also transformed and feeling the contented purring of the spirit if this place.

I went on to do some edging. Things stray their boundaries over winter, invade each other’s space. Today was a day to draw new lines and reaffirm old ones. When I do edging (or indeed any work) I ask the garden spirit, and the spirits who mind each bed, where the lines should be. Between us we get it right and the garden is happy and looks good. It’s not my garden, it belongs to itself but I’m the guardian. As guardian I work with the spirit of place, this is how it always is when we work with the old ways. I recommend working this way, it’s wonderful to work with, to discover new knowings with the help of intelligences that are not human but beings infinitely older than us.

Do try it … 🙂