A great drumming evening was heralded by a wonderful rainbow!

12 of us packed into the living room … and drummed. I started, just a simple rhythm with my hawk-Bell staff, and people join. It builds, and builds, the climax comes and we end, together. Stillness …

“I saw a man hanging from a tree,” I said to Fiona and that began the tale. She told us of how Odin stole the runes. I love the storytelling.

When the tale was done we all reached, like Odin, for a rune and Fiona told us a little about it. The first rune we reached for was made of stone, when we’d gone round the circle we took a glass rune each and, again, Fiona told us about it.

You never reach randomly for a rune! Never. They always tell you things you need to know. Our second runes built on the first one we’d taken. Everyone got what they needed. We talked a bit about it.

Then more drumming. Drum baths. These are sooooo good, both for the person receiving and for the rest of us who are giving. Well, giving and transmitting. It’s not our energy we give but the energy Otherworld wish to send through us as a group. We work as a group, not a collection of individuals, the threads linking us are there, strong between us. That’s one of the great pleasures of working.

Everyone journeyed, and each bather was able to share a bit with us drummers. That’s such a privilege, to hear someone’s journey.

Eventually the evening wound up … until next month. Looking forward to seeing everyone again in May.

For more about Fiona Dove and her rune work, and other work, go to http://www.brightdarkness.co.uk