From Trystan’s blog, do hope she is sitting 🙂

One bird I kept checking on from a discrete distance was the female Great Horned Owl. For the last two days she has sat the full day in the nest. There was a very brief few seconds yesterday when she did get up and fly to the other end of the aviary but she returned to the nest very quickly. While she was up I did think I could see a ‘brood patch’ but couldn’t be certain. This of course is a patch of bare skin on the belly that enables body heat keep eggs in the nest warm during incubation. When breeding owls we tend to wait until the third full day on the nest before counting in our diary for when we might guess eggs should hatch – if there are any eggs. Naturally we don’t want to disturb the owl so we don’t know for sure if or when any eggs are laid, so it’s all guesswork.

Today she stayed on the nest. Fingers crossed for the next few days.

via Ground Control | scotowlblog.