view from Coppet Hill

Much looking forward to our walk tomorrow … 5 miles up over the hill, down through the woods, along the river and back up through the woods again. I hope we’ll see buzzards, ravens, peregrine falcons, maybe badger prints, squirrels, fox; all sorts of song birds, thrushes, blackbirds, robins, tits, sparrows, dunnocks and maybe some rarer species as well. Hopefully there will be some bumble bees, maybe the odd moth who may have woken up … we’ll see.

And deer. there are many fallow deer on the hill and we usually see some. the walk is to meet Elen of the Ways in one of her own places, for Elen is the deer-goddess, perhaps the most ancient of our land, of Britain; there are deer drawings going back 11,000 years recently discovered in Wales.

Will let you all know how we get on.

The next Spirit Walk will be on Sunday 18th March: we’re going to visit Arthur’s Cave High above the Wye and Doward which is Vortigern’s castle where he lost his kingship to Ambrosius (who some say was Merlin’s father and the brother of Uther who fathered Arthur). The Doward hillfort is a wonderful place, as are the caves, and there is much to journey with there. If you’d like to come please email me …

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