Brighid is the Lady who presides at Imbolc is best known as Brighid – pronounced Breed. Her name comes from Brython, the name of the ancient language of our country which is Brythonic, and from where we get the name of our land … Britain.

Her name is found through the Celtic lands …

Brìghde/Brìde (Scotland)
Ffraid (Wales) e.g. Llansanffraid and Llansantffraid-ym-Mechain
Breo Saighead the fiery arrow” – a folk etymology found in Sanas Cormaic
Brigindū (Gaul)
Brigantia (Great Britain)
Brigantia (former Gallaecia, modern Betanzos)
Braga (former Gallaecia, modern Northern Portugal)
Bragança (former Gallaecia, modern Northern Portugal)
Brigantis (Great Britain)
Bregenz (Austria)

Brighid is the triple goddess of the British tradition. Faces she wears that you may already know are …







The Leo full moon on 7th Feb 2012 was her full moon. Leo, the lioness, is where the moon actually is. The sun is in Pisces, the fishes, while the moon is in Leo, the lion/ess. Imbolc, in the northern hemisphere, is the beginning of spring (for the southern hemisphere it’s the beginning of autumn). Spring is the time of the snowdrops, the beginning of growing things coming up through the earth, of lambing and the first milk from the sheep, the beginning of fresh things to eat rather than the winter-stored meat, cheese and vegetables.

The majority of the citified (civilised) world is no longer in sync with this; supermarkets and agri-business mean we can get any kind of food whenever we want it. It it’s not grown here then it’s grown in another country and transported many air/sea miles for our delectation. What happens to us as a result of this?

We cannot change the amount of light the sun gives us every day. Sitting with sun lamps doesn’t have the same effect. Light changes the way all life works … hens don’t lay as the light levels go down, like plants don’t germinate unless there is sufficient light, many other things are affected by light levels. Farmers get hens to lay and plants to grow by making them live under artificial light conditions; this affects them, how they grow and this affects the quality of food that we eat.

We are no longer in sync with the sun, the seasons, the Earth, or the food we eat. We are no longer in sync with the goddess.

It is important. Many people suffer from colds, illnesses, SAD, allergies, all sorts of forms of dis-ease. The Earth (Gaia principle if you prefer) works very well to her own rhythms and we, as part of the earth work best when we are in sync with her. Our forebears knew this; they set up sun and moon calendars that still function well today and would cause a headache to the builders of the crazy artificial island cities and super-tall buildings in Abu Dhabi if they were asked to build them today. They were deeply aware of how our planet moves in the universe, possibly more than we are today; the old adage of “nasty, brutish and short” to describe Palaeolithic mankind only shows how those who perpetrated it were insecure people who had to be superior to their ancestors. Fortunately that attitude is dying out now.

One of the translations of Brighid’s name is Bright Fiery Arrow. She is the arrow of light that can illuminate us … if we allow it to. She holds the wisdom of the ages as she shows us in her three faces of maiden mother and crone; she holds the concepts of maker (blacksmith), healer and wisdom keeper (poet).

And she holds the ability to help us sync with the Earth, her seasons. Maybe we should ask her, ask the Lioness, to help us get back in sync …

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