Scientists: ‘Look, One-Third Of The Human Race Has To Die For Civilization To Be Sustainable, So How Do We Want To Do This?’ | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source.

This is shatteringly true! Unfortunately the numbers are a bit off, it’s more likely 2/3 of the current population, like about 5 billion people.

For most this is a horrifying concept. I’ve been thinking this for the past 20 years now though so am fairly well used to it. My one problem with the scientists is this amazing human idiocy and arrogance that they, like so many folk, have of thinking “we” can get it right, do the depopulation thing ourselves!considering the gods-awful mess we’ve made of trying to do things over the past few thousand years I think this is a BAD IDEA !!! However, I do think Mother Earth herself is likely to do it for us – probably already started – and She will get it right, keep the folk she needs and recycle the rest.

No, we’re not going to enjoy this! It’s probably worse to be one of the survivors who has to help Mother earth get everything together … just in case you feel you’d like to be one of them!

I’m both staggered and pleased that somebody is at last saying it out loud though. We’ve all had our heads in the sand for a very long time. This was probably a good idea as it stops people panicking like headless chickens at the thought of such a mass death of so many humans. It’s probably also a good idea that many people will poo-poo this (and me LOL) for saying it now. But I wonder how many will think about Mother Earth doing the culling rather than we having to work it out (and get it wrong, as usual!) for ourselves?

The scientists are absolutely right that we are way, way past any chance of correcting things by education, lower birth rates, etc, etc. Like global warming, if we’d maybe really got going on it way back in the 60s when I first started to protest about rain forests and PFEs and all that jazz we might have had a chance. It’s way too late now. Think about it … when I began protesting in the 60s the global population was about 3 billion. Now, a mere 50 years later it’s over 7 billion. That’s an increase off over 100% in just 50 years !!!

Now that’s terrifying !!!

Ho hum !!! Well, whatever will happen will happen. And Mother Earth will look after herself whatever we do; she’s done it several times before when things got out of hand and she’ll do it again. And remember … she cares about all her creatures, all the Life that is not human as well as the human life that has caused her so much pain. She will get it right … that, at least, is reassuring.