Spider Drum

What a great evening we had! Simon had made a couple of drums, one pig skin the other goat skin, so with my extras we were swimming in drums last night. We had a discussion and listening session about the difference what skin it is makes to the drum and it really is a big difference; the whole feel of the drum is different as well as the sound it makes. The connection you have with it is different too, partly through the animal who has given their skin for the drum. We talked about that and, maybe next month, we’re going to journey with one of the drums in particular and see what we each get from that. Last night we had Pig, Cow and Goat; that’s Ceridwen – her totem is Pig; Brighid – her totem is Cow; and Llew, his totem is eagle but his transformation into that totem come about partly through standing with one foot on a goat. It will be interesting to journey with them and see what they tell us. By april we’ll have deer as well as I’m making my deer skin, ash-framed, drum in March.

We each had a drum bath too. That’s one person sat in the centre of the circle while the rest of us drum around them; it’s quite amazing! As Diana said, ‘You feel for, catch, the person’s rhythm.’ You do indeed, you weave the sound with that and with what the drum-spirit offers the person as well; feel the waves of sound going out from the drum and returning to the drum. Several people said how one drum will speak and another answer, how they felt the tide and pull as the sounds of the several drums washed through them.

We all felt so much a group as we worked in the drum baths. We were all linked; each individual, each rhythm different but all combined into one dancing, leaping whole. Each bather was carried by this amazing spirit-tide into their own journey and each journey was incredibly powerful. Two people tried the holding hands thing as they bathed; this often means the two people have a similar journey but not this time. The two journeys were very different. They had not made any particular intent to journey together though so their difference was quite reasonable. We may well try journeying together with a particular intent on another occasion.this time we each went into it with our  own version of “give me what I most need at this moment”.

Rainbow Drum

The healing power of the drumming was wonderful. Being at the centre of the circle, and not drumming yourself, allows you to send your frontal mind off to play and allow yourself to be taken by spirit and given what you really need … even though you may not know that in frontal consciousness and so be unable to ask for it.

Drumming together as a group, for the second time, was grand too. The more we work together the deeper that group consciousness will grow. It’s important to work as a group, the power of a group goes up in orders of magnitude, it’s not just the simple addition of the number of people but the effect of multiplication … which is quite stunning to be a part of :-).

I told the story of Dyfrig to round off the evening and we had a short discussion about the prevalence and significance of the “fatherless child” image that occurs all around the world. I’ll blog again about this later 🙂

The group is still open to anyone who wants to come so if you feel you’d like to join us just email me to say and I’ll send you back directions. It’s such a powerful, fun, way to spend some time … riding the Spirit-Horse.

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