3 Kings, this is Sovereignty in its 3 faces.

Sovereignty is about holding and keeping the land for that is what the sovereign does, hold and guard the land. It’s not about nations, nationality, but about the Earth herself, the soil, the ground under our feet, the ground that feeds us, grows our food, provides channels and containers for our water, about the soil that grows the trees that transpire through their leaves and so give us oxygen and water. We cannot live without earth, water and air.

Let’s look at 3-ness, at the energy that the 3 Kings hold …

3 Kings








Celtic base of agriculture



Roe Buck

3 Worlds




Brighid’s faces…




Celtic Cups




This table gives an idea of the many ways of looking at the energy held by each of the kings’ gifts.

To do the stirring you get some frankincense, gold and myrrh from your local biodynamic association – this is it in the UK – along with the instructions, then you stir it on 12th Night and spray it on and around the land you are guardian to.

What does this do? The energy the stirred preparation carries, those energies without which we cannot live, guard the land, our home, even if it’s just a tiny flat, a caravan, whatever. It helps to link us to the land, to the place where we live … we no longer live on the land but live with it. We are no longer separate from the Earth but begin to reconnect ourselves to our mother. When we do this our whole perspective on life, the universe and everything changes, we no longer think of ourselves first but how we can help everything.

This is living with the Earth, rather than living on her, exploiting her. We no longer believe that the Earth is there for our benefit but that we are here for hers.

When we do this we find our own lives change. We no longer feel that we live in a them-and-us world … them being anything not human and us being, well, us!

You don’t need to understand why you do this stirring, just do it. All you need is to feel the desire to do this, feel the Earth’s need calling out to us, wanting to be reconnected with us. She didn’t break the connection, we did when we felt we could and should control her. Stirring the 3 Kings preparation and putting it on our land begins to open us up to hearing the Earth again. We’ve done it here today, next year you can join us and many, many others all round the world.