Spaceship Earth: A new view of environmentalism – The Washington Post.

Ye gods !!! if this happens we are certainly doomed! The USA is a very frightening place … and what is even more frightening is that we here in Britain are getting more like the US every day.

This is the most stupid set of ideas I’ve heard for a very long time and put forward by a bunch of people with alphabet soup after their names. Once upon a time Academe used to be worthlistening to, even trustworthy; now, and for the last quarter of a century, the sight of a a set of letters after a person’s name immediately says they are quite unqualified to think. let’s all get a real grip on that idea and follow through on it – if you meet an academic question them like crazy and don’t let them monologue on to you like a politician. it’s only “sound and fury signifying nothing”.

To gie you something to grip against this diatribe of nonsense in the Washington Post go back to Lovelock. There you will find sense. It’s not comfortable and does not try to fool you that humans have any control over  nature – we don’t! It will give you useful (again uncomfortable, but very real) ideas about how to survive the mess we (humans) have made of Earth with our stupid illusions of control.

the gods help us all if the US is heading in this foolish direction … not many of us will survive.